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Ball FloraPlant Farms Eliminate Neonics

Ball FloraPlant announced that their offshore cuttings farms are now neonicotinoid free.

Aart De Leeuw, production director for Ball FloraPlant, noted that, “Our farms moved toward eliminating neonicotinoid chemicals a few seasons ago, before it became a more mainstream issue.” He says they had a few reasons behind the decision: “Buildup of pest resistance, overall chemical expense and to reduce any toxic effects to the environment.”

Greenhouse managers have been able to rely on alternative means to keep a zero-tolerance policy for pests on their cuttings. That has meant enhanced scouting and control measures. Last spring, Ball FloraPlant's farms didn't use any neonicotinoid pest control products during production for their spring shipments and they intend to maintain that trend. That includes Floricultura in Guatemala and Las Limas in Nicaragua. Ball FloraPlant partner Selecta (Uganda and Kenya) is also neonic free.

Source: Ball Horticultural Company, 10/9/15

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