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DE - Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a product that has been used for at least 50 years to control insects in dry environments, fed to animals to rid internal parasites and serve as a natural trace mineral amendment to pet and livestock food. It also works as an internal detox material for animals. 

The research on diatomaceous earth we currently have goes back many years. One particular research project very carefully proved that diatomaceous earth does not hurt earthworms in the soil. The apparent reason for the research was to try to come up with a negative – to show that DE would hurt the life in the soil. It didn’t prove one so the research was for the most part shelved and ignored. The second research I’ve discovered covers whether DE has any detrimental effects on animals being fed natural diatomaceous earth at 2% on their rations. The last one we have about feeding natural diatomaceous earth to goats and their kids at Prairie View A&M College. The abstract of these trials, which is on our website, proved that not only did it not hurt animals but it functioned as well as or better than the chemical wormers also used in the trials. For some reason doing the final report of this study was never done but the abstract does exist. The reason little was ever done with results of this test is that those funding the research, the chemical companies, didn’t like the results.

Diatomaceous Research on Nematodes
Test Results from Feeding at 5% Ration of Food-grade DE to Rodents
Feeding Codex Food-Grade DE to Dogs
Experimental Feeding of Food-grade DE to Zoo Animals
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Report on Feeding Codex Food-grade DE to Walking Horse
Study of Codex Food-grade DE in Feed Pigs
Results of the Use of Codex Food-grade DE with Poultry
Organ Analysis of Dairy Cows
Field Report - Free Choice Feeding to Dairy Cattle
Feeding Codex Food-grade Diatomaceous Earth to Dairy Cows

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