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Fertilizers - Pollution

Want a beautiful lawn? Like to protect the environment? You can do both according to a new study conducted by Texas A&M University for the City of Austin. Nitrogen, one of the three nutrients found in fertilizer, can travel quickly through soil to pollute our groundwater. Austin's City Watershed Protection and Development Review Department commissioned the study to find out which fertilizers would be least likely to pollute and still satisfy the desire for an attractive lawn. The Texas A&M study compared nine different fertilizers and found that the certified organic, or other natural, fertilizers out-performed the synthetic ones in the study for both appearance and pollution prevention. Horticulturists, and soil and water quality scientists considered the new data along with other studies, scientific data and practical experience to revise the recommendations that have been promoted for the last twenty years. These new recommendations reduce fertilizer use by at least 75%!  View the Texas A&M Study on Nitrogen Movement through the Soil

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