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Healthy Soils Produce Nutirient-Dense Foods and Sequester Carbon for the Air

In the discussion of climate change, there tends to be a focus primarily on reducing fossil fuel emissions. However, the main story should be on fixing our soils.

For far too long, the big agribusiness corporations have been allowed to pollute and poison with impunity. Their chemical-intensive, degenerative farming methods have moved 50-75 percent of the original carbon content of the soils into our atmosphere and our oceans.

We must replace our toxic, degenerative agricultural system with regenerative organic agriculture and land management practices. Only then will we be able to produce enough nutrient-dense foods to nourish and feed the world. Only then will be able to regenerate the soil’s capacity to draw down and sequester carbon from the air.

Healthy soils are necessary to feed the world. They are also the planet’s largest carbon sink. If we fix the soils, we can feed the world and impact the excess carbon that is widely discussed as a concern for our planet.

Source: OCA

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