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National Small Farm Lobby Day


RELEASE DATE:  January 10, 2007

CONTACT:  Richard Bean 434.263.8704

RE:  National Small Farm Lobby Day--Joel Salatin, Speaker

 Washington, D.C.--A grassroots coalition attempting to preserve small farmers against the USDA's proposed National Animal Identification System (NAIS) is coming to the nation’s capital February 14.

            Hosting a reception for Congressmen and Senators from noon to 12:50, the group will spend the day lobbying and presenting their request to stop NAIS, a plan to radio-chip every head of livestock by early 2009.  Put forth by the USDA as a plan to control disease, the broadening opposition views the plan as unworkable, highly discriminatory against smaller producers, and completely ineffective.

            In Australia, where a similar cattle-only plan has been in place for four years, the error rate is averaging 1 million animals per year.  And the USDA plan calls for a centralized database to control all agricultural species, not just cattle.

            "This is a Draconian measure that has already been proven unsuccessful;  the only successful outcome is the unintended consequence of destroying non-industrial farms and burying local food producers in paperwork," said Virginia farmer Joel Salatin, who will offer remarks at the reception.

                Under the banner of the National Independent Consumers and Advocates Fund (NICFA Fund) (, farmers and consumers from around the country will participate in Farm Food Voices DC 2007.



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