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Organic Research Projects & Researchers


Seaweed                                            Dr. T.L. Senn
Spider mites                                         
Seaweed and Plant Growth                   Clemson University

Orange oil                                           Texas A&M, UT Austin
Fire ants                                               Citrex (now Woodstream)

Humalfa (manure compost)                   Texas A&M Dallas
Take-all Patch                                       Dr. Phil Cobaugh

Corn gluten meal                                 Iowa State
Fertilizer/Herbicide                                 Dr. Nick Christians

Cornmeal                                            Texas A&M Stephenville Research Station
Fungus                                                 Dr. Joe McFarland

Garlic                                                  Several, USDA

Bradfield                                             Texas A&M Weslaco

Baking soda/Potassium Bicarbonate   Cornell University, Dr. Ken Horst

Diatomaceous Earth                             Texas A&M
Hot Pepper                                         
Termite treatment

Nutrition – Organic vs. conventional     Dr. Alyson Mitchell
                                                         University of California


Compost & Soil Health                Science in Agriculture, Dr. Arden B. Anderson

Soil Fertility and Animal Health    Dr. William A. Albrecht, The Albrecht Papers 

USDA                                        General Research
                                                 Agriculture Research Service
                                                 Dr. Joe Bradford

Stockman Grass Farmer



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