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Science Project - Logan

Critics often ask where’s the research on organic techniques. Well, there’s plenty of it. Let me tell you about one research project - my daughter’s science project.

 A few years ago for Logan’s science project she planted radishes and elbon rye both from seed in 6” pots. I don’t recommend sterile potting soil but I recommended it to her in this case so that the fertility would be low. Half of the pots have nothing but the potting soil. The other half had one added ingredient - lava sand. All pots were watered the same. The day before the project was due, the pots were photographed and some of the plants were removed. The tops of the radishes were about the same, the grass in lava was taller and greener but the roots of both plants were significantly bigger in the lava amended potting soil. The following year the test was repeating using garlic planted from cloves. Success again – lava sand won. It’s just one of the organic tools we discuss on my talk show. Others include Texas greensand, molasses and cornmeal – all the alternatives to toxic chemicals.

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