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Seaweed - Dr. T.L. Senn


Seaweed has been researched as much as any organic product over the years by Dr. T.L. Senn.  Anyone who has ever used liquid or dry seaweed doesn’t need any more convincing, but for the “show me” crowd – the research is there.

Dr. T.L. Senn was a professor at Clemson University. In 1987 he wrote a book called Seaweed and Plant Growth. He not only did research about the efficacy of seaweed as a soil amendment and foliar feeding material but its power to increase plant production from the trace minerals as well as the growth regulators. The research also proved that seaweed is an effective spray to control spider mites on infested plants. This research has been around for a very long time but people recommending the chemical treatments for spider mites such as Kelthane which is no longer on the market and other toxic materials never mentioned even the possibility of using this wonderful product.  Dr. Senn has received many awards for his research and publications, twenty of which relate to seaweed research. Seaweed can be easily found in all quality garden centers and feed stores.

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