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I really enjoyed the course. Well worth the investment!

A. Smith, SpoutFaster Soil Supplement
Loma Linda, MO

The course was great, well taught and very informative. Thanks for a wonderful and well designed program.
A. Morgan, Three Bee Farms
Saint Jo, Texas
I enjoyed taking the course and have some recovery work to do to correct the non natural organic practices on my property..I live in a colder zone and am looking forward to implementing what I learned. I am grateful the course was offered on-line as my ability to travel to a physical class is limited. 
E. Maloney
Chewelah, WA
I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was very informative and the pictures really helped in understanding the material. Great job!
D. Henry 
Waxahachie, TX

I loved this course! Howard is a great instructor. Thank you!
S. Numedahl
Golden, CO

Although I've been active in organic programs for almost ten years, there was plenty of fresh information for me to learn in the course.
K Lagleder, Natural Yard and Garden
La Coste, TX
This course is excellent. I am already finding it useful in my own garden.
S. Hernandez
Chicago, IL
After over twenty years of following Howard Garret, I feel this course validates all my work.
S. Fitzjarrell
Lipan, TX

It was a great course. I enjoyed it very much and look forward to putting the information that I learned to work.
A. Whisler
Whitefish, MT
I enjoyed the course very much. Very informative.
P. Symchych
Bulverde, TX

It's a practical and good course. I like the manual that goes with the course. Thanks for offering this as it is a great tool for my needs. It's great to see organic courses being offered in these times of company and chemical environmental unfriendly practices.
S. Hardy
Durant, OK
Very informative course.
R. Pickett
Inez, TX

Excellent course! I refer back to your material often and look forward to learning more. It's phenomenal how quickly and dramatically trees respond when their flare is exposed.
K. Cuddy
Anchorage, AK

Thanks for providing this course. As a science teacher for nearly 30 years, I appreciate the organic methods, and this certification gives science and the data to support the practices.
D. Bordelon
San Antonio, TX
It was a great course. I enjoyed it very much. 
J. Klesack, Jim's Garden
Medina, OH 

I enjoyed the Chapters and am grateful for this information. It was laid out clearly for anyone who wants to do better, and it was a lot of fun.
L. LaPaso, Lisa's Landscape & Design
Buda, TX

I really enjoyed the course. Each chapter was full of helpful information and especially the course on trees. I am grateful for this course and Howard ' s expertise in organics.
B. Breithaupt
Corsicana, TX 

We are implementing the knowledge gained from this course, and our gardens are vibrantly healthy and productive.
U. Sivanathan, Mana'olana Center for Health and Healing
Kapaa, HI
I thought this course was great.
R. Wilson
Weatherford, TX
This course was very interesting and informative. Howard Garrett is a great teacher. 
J. Osuch
McKinney, TX
I really enjoyed the course. It is especially helpful with the slides and the many additional resources.
T. Jezek, Immaculate Conception Catholic School
Denton, TX
The videos and study guide are easy to follow and extremely useful.
V. Collier
Albany, GA 
I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It helped me understand the whys of some things I have been doing, and I learned a lot of new information and techniques.
J. Lumbert
Farmers Branch, TX

This is an excellent course. I have read some of the Dirt Doctor's books, but this course brought it all together.
D. Zipps
Spring, TX

I really enjoyed the certification course. 
S. Malone
Corsicana, TX

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