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TORC Natural Organic Hemp Growing Certification


The Texas Organic Research Center promotes natural-organic growing programs that do not use harmful synthetic fertilizers and toxic pesticides.
Certified growers are given a TORC Approved logo to show that they are approved and follow TORC standards.

TORC certified growers will use natural-organic programs which are different than the “Certified Organic” program offered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and can work better in many ways.

The TORC standards require soil-based production and all products used in production must be natural organic. All participants must still follow the State and Federal regulatory requirements for hemp production, but growers will have the additional certification that products were grown under a natural-organic program without harmful synthetic fertilizers and toxic pesticides.   

For more information or to register, email or call Doug Sheldon at or 866-444-3478.


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