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U.S. Farm Bill


In the past few issues of Organic Bytes, the OCA has been alerting its readers to contact various congressional subcommittees who are in the process of allocating funding for the 2007 Farm Bill. This massive piece of legislation provides funding until 2012 and includes a variety of programs that would benefit organic farmers, sustainable agriculture and the environment. Thanks to your efforts and the concerted work of OCA's allies, many of these target programs have been allocated funding.


Specifically, the following funding has been approved in subcommittees for organic and sustainable agriculture related programs over the course of the next five years:

  • $150 million to examine optimal conservation and environmental outcomes for organically produced agricultural products, and to develop new and improved seed varieties that are particularly suited for organic agriculture.
  • $22 million to help farmers pay for organic certification
  • $5 million for outreach to organic and specialty crop producers.
  • $3 million to collect market and production data about organic farming.

The OCA will continue to alert you to new issues arising in this arena, as the 2007 Farm Bill continues to be developed by Congress.
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