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GMO Technology - Genetic Engineering,

Although the United States is not yet be willing to disclose GMO ingredients on food product labels, or acknowledge the scientific evidence that demonstrates the serious health effects of ingesting these ingredients, other countries around the world are taking steps to protect their consumers.

According to
Reuters, Bulgaria's parliament voted to tighten a law that effectively banned cultivation of genetically modified (GMO) crops for scientific and commercial reasons in response to public fears.

A genetically modified organism (GMO, also called "genetically engineered") is a plant, animal or microorganism (e.g., bacteria) that is created by means not naturally occurring. Genetic engineering involves crossing species which could not cross in nature. For example, genes from a flounder (a cold water fish) have been inserted into strawberries and tomatoes to make them less susceptible to cold. Currently millions of farmers are planting biotech crops. The only thing that has slowed this horrible science from continuing to expand is that many farmers are realizing the negative effects. The one that’s helping the most so far is that farmers are realizing a decrease in production.


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