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Toxic Chemicals Found in Cosmetics

Consumers Beware: 175 Toxic Chemicals Found in Conventional Cosmetics /Truth Publishing LLC, Sept 5, 2006
Straight to the Source
Straight to the Source /Truth Publishing LLC, Sept 5, 2006

(NewsTarget) Women who wear mainstream cosmetics products may be unknowingly applying as many as 175 different chemicals to their bodies every day, according to

Most popular beauty products contain a vast cocktail of chemicals, many of which have been linked to health problems such as cancer, hormone imbalances and skin irritation.
A campaign group organized by manufacturers of natural products is calling for mainstream cosmetics makers to exhibit more information on their products' ingredients, as well as the side effects of such ingredients.

The campaign group says three cosmetics ingredients in particular can cause severe health problems. Parabens -- preserving agents used in many moisturizers and body creams -- have been linked to cancer and skin irritation. Sodium laureth and sulfate -- foaming agents used in shampoos -- can irritate the skin, and formaldehyde -- used in hand soap and shampoo -- can also act as a skin irritant.

"Media reports about the possible dangers of certain chemicals such as parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, phthalates and formaldehyde has made consumers more aware of what they are buying, and potentially more demanding of chemical safe alternatives," says Julia Mitchell, spokeswoman for

Lobbyists in Europe are pushing for manufacturers to make potential side effects of using mainstream cosmetics more widely available to the public.

Many chemical-free cosmetic and personal care products are already available on the market, including the Lluvia line from the Amazon Herb Co., a natural products company that uses rainforest herbs in product formulations while avoiding toxic chemicals.

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